Accomodation and boat rentals

At Gunnartangen in Stø you can stay overnight in the cabins in the old fishing village. Here there are 5 available cabins with kitchen, bathroom, living room and many bedrooms. If you´re a boat enthusiast and interested in trying your fishing luck on the outside of Stø and Nyksund, you have the opportunity to rent a fishing boat for up to 8 people in a Jeanneau Merry Fisher with 150 HP. A steady and good boat for leisure and fishing. If you need to rent a car to / from the airport, we will arrange this as well. If you are interested in a weekend or a week at the cabins, contact us and we will take care of the organization!


Price per person with accommodation, rent of car, boat and equipment: 1500 NOK / day

Price per person / night: 800 NOK / day

Price of car hire: 1000 NOK / day